• Remove all vehicles from the driveway. Make sure the garage doors are closed. Do not park cars in front of the home.

  • Close all windows.

  • Sweep porch, deck, patio and sidewalks.

  • Mow lawn and trim shrubs, clean yard debris and rake leaves

  • Remove trashcans, garden tools, sprinklers and lawn equipment. Store mower out of sight.

  • Neatly stow or remove hoses.

  • Put away kids’ toys and bicycles.

  • Remove any old pots with dead or dormant plants.

  • Store seasonal décor.

  • Arrange deck furniture.

  • Clean pool area.


Family/Great rooms

  • Position furniture to open up space in front of fireplace or TV.

  • Remove any non-essential furniture.

  • Remove picture hanging hardware and spackle/paint holes.

  • Vacuum carpets, sweep hardwood floors.

  • Remove personal items/photos.

  • Remove all visible clutter.

  • Replace all burned out light bulbs and turn on all lights.

  • Turn off all ceiling fans.

  • Open shades/blinds.


Dining rooms

  • Remove any non-essential furniture.

  • Straighten/push in dining chairs.

  • Add simple centerpiece i.e. candles/vase of flowers.


  • Clear off counters and islands

  • Minimize small kitchen appliances, remove paper towels, cleaners, etc.

  • Remove notes, pictures and magnets from refrigerator.

  • Hide floor mats, rugs and dish towels.

  • Clear sink of dishes.

  • Put away draining rack.

  • Organize items on open shelves.

  • Hide any non-decorative trash cans.

  • Put away pet beds, toys and bowls.



  • Make bed and display decorative pillows.

  • Clear personal items from night stands.

  • Clear under the beds.

  • Clean surfaces of clutter.

  • Walk-in closets should be neat and organized.

  • Store toys, play equipment or accessories in kid’s closet.



  • Clear all medications, toothbrushes/holders and toiletries from bathrooms.

  • Clear all items from tub and shower.

  • Windex all mirrors and shower stalls.

  • Put away all floor mats.

  • Clean toilet and close lid.

  • Hang fresh towels.